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Introduction of oval groove drainage ditch mould

Date of issue:2020-07-28

Oval groove mold is a kind of special shape mold used in large drainage ditch engineering. From the actual processing of oval groove mold, the length is basically 2 meters, and the internal size also has clear provisions. It is a very good mold product for producing drainage prefabricated block in highway engineering. When the oval groove mold is produced, it is more attention The production nature of the mold as a whole. When the oval groove mold is used in the project, in order to ensure the use effect of the product and hope that it has a long service life, we all choose to use thicker steel plate materials for the production of the project. The molding effect of the produced mold products is relatively good, and the mold has a wide range of use, which can be used as a tool for highway drainage and also as an agricultural product The channel products used in the field irrigation water have very good use effect.
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