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Introduction of quality grade of mould

Date of issue:2020-09-02

Mold is known as the mother of industry, our daily life is also inseparable from the use of mold products, in the mold industry often said that "the core of manufacturing industry is mold, the core of mold is mold design", we can see the status of mold design in the whole manufacturing industry. In fact, the mold design is to produce more superior quality mold products, convenient for people's production and life.
Mold quality is closely related to its hardness. According to the hardness, mold can be divided into two kinds, namely hard mold and soft mold. Next, Xiaobian will explain their concepts to you, let's have a look!


1) Soft mold: the steel of the mold has been pre hardened, and there is no need for quenching technology, but the hardness of the soft mold is low, Hb is below 400, and its use times are less than 500000, so it is widely used.
2) Hard mold: after annealing treatment, the processing of die steel is divided into two roughing and finishing. After that, the rough machining begins to be quenched, and the hardness is above hrc48 °. Generally, about 0.2 machining allowance is reserved for rough machining. Because of the quenching treatment, the die workpiece may be deformed, which can not meet the requirements of the workpiece. The production life of hard mold is more than 500000 ~ 1 million times, and the small mold is the most widely used.
In the design of mould, quality is the first. At present, there are four quality grades of mould, and their characteristics are as follows:
The quality of the first class mould
The opening times of the first level die must be more than one million. In addition, the qualified first-class mold should have wear-resistant sheet, temperature control monitor and detailed mold structure design (including computer drawing and materials). The minimum hardness of mold embryo is hb280, the mold core must be hardened to HRC50 at least, and all lines and accessories should be hardened. All the cooling channels of the first stage die are made of nickel plated material, which can effectively prevent the die from rusting and is very easy to clean.
Quality control of secondary mould
The opening times of secondary die must be more than 500000 times. With detailed die structure design, the minimum hardness of die blank is hb280, the die core must be hardened to hrc48 at least, and all lines and accessories need heat treatment. In the construction of secondary mold, we need to consider the feasibility of temperature control monitor, and its parting line must be locked.
Quality control of three level mould
The opening times of the three-level mold must be more than 250000 times, the minimum hardness of the mold embryo must be hb165, and the mold core must be hardened to hb280 at least.
Quality control of four level mould
The opening times of the four stage die is about 10000 times, and the die blank material is usually copper or aluminum. This is a low production die, generally without any special requirements, but its quality is very good, and has been recognized by customers.
The above is about the introduction of mold grade. If you have any questions, you can consult Mr. Chen. If you have any questions about Kunshan machining and Kunshan Precision machining, you can consult Mr. Chen!

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