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How to obtain the accuracy of workpiece size in Kunshan machining?

Date of issue:2020-08-25

On the seventh day of July, are you single today? Hahaha, come and interact with Xiaobian to talk about how to obtain the accuracy of workpiece size in Kunshan machining
Kunshan machining accuracy refers to the degree that the actual geometric parameters (size, shape and position) of the parts after machining conform to the ideal geometric parameters specified in the drawings. The higher the degree of correspondence, the higher the machining accuracy.
In the process of machining, due to the influence of various factors, it is impossible to process every geometric parameter of the part to be completely consistent with the ideal geometric parameter, and there will always be some deviation. This deviation is machining error.
The method of obtaining the dimensional accuracy of parts
1. Trial cutting method
That is, first try to cut a small part of the processing surface, measure the size of the test cut, adjust the position of the cutting edge of the tool relative to the workpiece according to the processing requirements, try to cut again, and then measure again. After two or three times of test cutting and measurement, when the size of the processed surface meets the requirements, then cut the whole surface to be processed.
The trial cutting method is repeated through "trial cutting - Measurement - adjustment - trial cutting" until the required dimensional accuracy is achieved. For example, the trial boring of box hole system.
The precision achieved by the trial cutting method may be very high. It does not need complex devices, but this method is time-consuming (need to make multiple adjustments, trial cutting, measurement and calculation), low efficiency, and depends on the technical level of workers and the accuracy of measuring instruments. The quality is unstable, so it is only used for single piece and small batch production.
As a type of trial cutting method, matching is a method of machining another matching workpiece or combining two (or more) workpieces together based on the machined workpiece. In the matching process, the requirements of the final machined dimension are based on the matching requirements of the machined parts.
2. Adjustment method
Adjust the accurate relative position of machine tool, fixture, cutter and workpiece with sample or standard parts in advance to ensure the dimensional accuracy of workpiece. Because the size is adjusted in place in advance, when machining, there is no need to try again. The size is automatically obtained and remains unchanged during the processing of a batch of parts. This is the adjustment method. For example, when using the milling fixture, the position of the cutter depends on the cutter block. The essence of the adjustment method is to use the fixed distance device or tool setting device on the machine tool or the preset tool holder to make the tool achieve a certain position accuracy relative to the machine tool or fixture, and then process a batch of workpieces.
In the machine tool according to the dial feed and then cutting, is also a kind of adjustment method. This method needs to determine the scale on the dial according to the trial cut method. In mass production, tool setting devices such as range stop, sample piece and sample plate are often used for adjustment.
Compared with the trial cutting method, the adjustment method has better stability of machining accuracy, higher productivity, lower requirements for machine tool operators, but higher requirements for machine tool adjusters. It is often used in batch production and mass production.
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