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Position of heat treatment process in manufacturing process of machining plant

Date of issue:2020-08-29

In Kunshan machining process, how to arrange the position of heat treatment process? Inserting heat treatment in the machining process at an appropriate time can make the cold and heat processes cooperate better and avoid the deformation caused by heat treatment


1. Preliminary heat treatment the purpose of preliminary heat treatment is to eliminate the internal stress produced in the blank manufacturing process, improve the cutting performance of metal materials, and prepare for the final heat treatment. The preparatory heat treatment includes quenching and tempering, annealing, normalizing, etc., which are generally arranged before and after rough machining. The arrangement before rough machining can improve the cutting performance of materials; the arrangement after rough machining can improve the cutting performance of materials, It is helpful to eliminate the residual internal stress
2. The final heat treatment should generally be arranged after rough machining, semi finish machining and before and after finish machining. The heat treatment with larger deformation, such as carburizing, quenching, quenching and tempering, should be arranged before finish machining, so as to correct the deformation of heat treatment during finish machining; the heat treatment with smaller deformation, such as nitriding, can be arranged after finish machining
3. Aging treatment the purpose of aging treatment is to eliminate the internal stress and reduce the deformation of the workpiece. Aging treatment is divided into three categories: natural aging, artificial aging and ice cold treatment. Aging treatment is generally arranged after rough machining and before finishing machining; for parts with higher accuracy requirements, aging treatment can be arranged again after semi finishing machining; aging treatment can be arranged after finishing machining; Cold treatment is usually arranged after tempering or finishing or at the end of the process
4. In order to prevent corrosion or decorate the surface, surface treatment sometimes needs plating or bluing, which is usually arranged at the end of the process
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