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How about the future development of automatic lathe processing

Date of issue:2020-08-23

Automatic lathe processing is the development of science and technology in recent years. Using a lot of mechanical processing enterprises, in the instrument lathe processing, need a lot of human resources. The wide application of automatic lathe greatly improves the efficiency of product lathe processing, reduces the manpower and material resources. Generally, one person can watch more than one platform, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and greatly improves the work efficiency.
Different from the general lathe, it is a kind of automatic operation by cam, cam lathe. Years of development has been the history of cam type automatic lathe. The production of walking watch parts machine comes from Switzerland, and gradually develops to walking tool machine. In the development of automatic lathe, Japan also plays a great role. Automatic lathe precision has an indelible contribution to the improvement of machining precision.
So far, many machining enterprises are still working on the instrument lathe. Although this kind of instrument lathe is cheap, it needs a lot of manual operation, low production efficiency, low processing accuracy, large processing capacity of small parts, low processing efficiency, less than the processing accuracy, high labor cost and low enterprise efficiency.
Mechanical part as a small, relatively meter lathe, high degree of automation, such as in small copper processing, a worker can operate multiple automatic lathes, unmanned operation can reach almost a long time. Automatic lathe parts per minute capacity can meter lathe several times, small parts processing is very suitable.


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