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Troubleshooting of servo system in CNC machining center

Date of issue:2020-08-23

The failure forms of CNC machining center servo system include the abnormal alarm indicator light on the speed unit, fuse fusing and various protection jump switches. CNC machining center servo system is to provide power to the machine tool system, without servo system, CNC machining center can not process the workpiece, so servo system is very important in CNC machining center, servo system failure, the whole processing production must stop, the following is CNC machining center servo system common fault solutions.
The meaning of the warning indicator varies with the design of the speed control unit
1. The protection switch starts the alarm. The protection switch is a device to protect the machine tool. For example, some components will be burned by high voltage and other emergency measures that cannot be controlled by the machine tool will be taken. In these cases, the protection switch will start to avoid unnecessary component damage, similar to safe stop.
2. Too low voltage leads to machine alarm, which is rare in machining center. It may be caused by input voltage lower than 85% of rated value or poor power connection.
3. The alarm is caused by the broken speed feedback line, which is an error alarm, because there is no problem with the airport, and there is a problem with the detection feedback system. The alarm is mostly caused by the broken speed feedback line of the CNC servo motor of the machining center or the poor contact of the detection feedback line.
4. The overload alarm is caused by the abnormal load of CNC machine in machining center, or the upper limit value of motor current in speed control unit is set too low. The permanent magnet falling off on the permanent magnet motor will also cause overload alarm. If the NC motor without brake in the machining center can't be turned by hand when it's no-load or it's hard to turn the shaft, it means that the permanent magnet is falling off.
5. The fuse on NC speed control unit of machining center is burnt out or the circuit breaker trips.
6. Large current causes machine tool alarm. In general, there are two possibilities for large current alarm, that is, the large current alarm caused by the damage of power drive element on CNC speed control unit of machining center and short circuit.
7. High voltage can also cause machine tool alarm. There are generally three possibilities for high voltage alarm, which may be caused by NC input voltage of machining center exceeding 10% of rated value, or insulation performance of servo motor decreasing, or high voltage caused by circuit of speed control unit of machining center.
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